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Calibre 40-50 is perfect size for processing like roasting ,drageeing and glazing .


  • The high content of simple and complex unsaturated fatty acids play an important role in reducing blood cholesterol.
  • Peanut contains more protein than a piece of chicken the same weight. It is therefore particularly attractive for veheteriantsiv. Also contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals.
  • phytosterol is an important matter peanuts, which in turn is struggling with lung cancer colon and prostate. The content of greater than olive oil
  • Due to its ingredients peanuts has a pronounced hypotensive, antidepressant and tonic, strengthens the nervous system.
  • In addition, a positive effect on vision and improves sleep.
  • Especially useful for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Peanut Runner

    • Fried and salty peanuts are a favorite snack for many people.
    • Great taste like peanut mousse and as part of many sweets, peanut butter smears for bread.
    • For many years, are not interchangeable ingredient in confectionary.
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