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Natura Seleccion Especial is a noble, specially selected Yerba Mate, which is considered the royal option in Argentina. It has been produced continuously since the end of the 19th century and is very much appreciated all over the world among fans of this drink. Natura Seleccion Especial allows you to try even more, because its production uses only selected, best parts of plants, collected at the plant "Natura". Tightly chopped leaves and twigs (100% Paraguayan holly). The dry taste and aroma of this yerba is also associated with a long aging of the leaves after they are dried. During this process, the product reaches its final taste, and the properties of this product throughout the batch of plants uniformly coincide. We appreciate Natura - for the consistency in the quality of this product for many years, its pleasant taste and stunning aroma. 

Natura Seleccion Especial

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