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Indian partners having a visit to our warehouse in Varna

Recently we were glad to receive a visit from our Indian partners - that came to Varna for a specific purpose . The purpose was to inspect the cargo of 20 tons of Black Chia seeds , which they have bough from us and to discuss further cooperation and common goals .

Cargo inspection
First minutes of cargo inspection

We were pleased by their professionalism , determination , excellent level of personal ethics and passion that they surely have shown to us during the visit . We will definately look forward to work with this entrepreneurs and businessmen in future.

Container stuffing in progress
Container stuffing in progress

Both of our sides agreed that working together and fulfilling our customers needs are the best way of cooperation . Plans for the future were discussed in details .

Happy partners before their flight back to India

And it`s always very important to make a good impression as a company for anyone who will decide to visit us .

I am very convinced that we have succeded in this .

With much respect

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