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Black Chia seeds , Sesame seeds , Peanuts

Hello dear collegues ,

We would like to offer the products we have in stock right now in our factory in Paraguay :

1) Peanuts ,Runner Variety, no aflotoxin (analysis proven)

Packaging: Bags PP of 25 /50kg

Price FOB Asunción USD 1100/MT

2) Black Chia Conventional , free Pesticide (analysis proven)

Packaging: Bags PP of 25 kg

Price FOB Asunción: USD 3950/MT

Available: 52MT

3) Black sesame (manual harvest)

Available volume: 52 MT

Packaging: 50kg / 25kg PP bag

Price FOB Asunción: USD 2300/MT

4) Natural White Sesame (manual harvest)

Available volume: 104 MT

Packaging: 50 kg PP bag

Price FOB Asunción: USD 2200/MT

5) Sesame Seed Mechanized Harvest, Variety IP10

Available volumen: 104 MT

Packaging: Bag PP of 25kg / 50kg

Price FOB Asunción: USD 1700/ MT

Payment terms: 30% with the order confirmation and 70% with the scanned copies of the original shipping documents.

Shipping: April 2022

Please also do not hesitate to contact me ( for any negotiations or additional informartion.

Thank you

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